Dave is one of those annoying solo singer-songwriter types, warbling stuff you've never heard before at an open mic in the pub where you're trying to have a quiet after-work drink.

And, oh good lordy, there's just so many words and he bounces around all over the place. Do you genuinely have time to take this all in? It really is a lot of effort.

Also, does he actually think he's funny?

Never Mind! Try Some Top Tunes...


Is your sock drawer ordered by colour, texture and/or odour? — "Oh look at me, I'm so OCD!" you might exclaim! — Maybe. But what's your Compulsion? Does it drive you to distress if you don't obsess?

Snakebite and Black

Legend has it that half-pints of lager and cider combine to such potency that even a US president was denied his order on a visit to a Yorkshire pub.

My Swears!

That which is forbidden holds much appeal, especially for children and profanity. This song is a quest for one young curse-lord to find the most secret and succulent expletives.